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Documents linked on this page are the most recent approved versions. If you have any questions, please contact President, Chris Hohe at 630-880-8599 or LphoaPresident@gmail.com.

Governing Documents

Budget & Workplan

The current budget & workplan were approved in 2020.

Water Quality Reports

Annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) provide you with important information about your drinking water and the efforts made by the water system to provide safe drinking water.


Please complete a disconnect request form and return it to the LPHOA. Please email all documents and the checklist to the following LPHOA board members:
lphoapresident@gmail.com, lphoavicepresident@gmail.com, lphoatreasurer@gmail.com, s.j.johnson3806@gmail.com


The disconnection fee is $800 and the LPHOA will waive the $150 inspection fee. A payment plan of $200.00 per quarter will be offered to homeowners but if the homeowner does not pay the disconnection in full by one year, they will incur late fees. If the homeowner fails to pay the disconnection fee all associated fees for the liens will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Files & Links

Overall Process (Williams St)

Provided courtesy of Jake Hendricks, VoDG

  • The contractor working for VODG will be running the new service line from the new tap to the new b-box.
  • The contractor doing the work for VODG will backfill that hole.
  • The private side plumbing contractor doing the work for the homeowner will need to re-excavate that hole and disconnect the existing service line to the house from the LPHOA supply and then connect the line running into the house to the new VODG b-box. The Village can not do that portion of the work because of 2 factors, that’s the private side of the line on the homeowners side. Also the other side of the service line is not property of the Village, it belongs to LPHOA, so we can not touch it.
  • Once the supply line running to the house is connected to the new VODG b-box, the private side plumbing contractor will need to make the necessary alterations to the internal plumbing to accept the VODG water meter.
  • Either the homeowner or the private side plumbing contractor will need to contact Public Works @ (630)434-5460 to schedule the inspection of the new service line connection and the meter installation (these can be done at the same time or seperate times, but they need to be scheduled).
  • The Village meter technician will install the new water meter and attach an MTU (remote meter reading device).
  • Once that is completed then your new water service line will be live!