Am I a member of the Liberty Park Homeowner’s Association? 

Residents who live on Washington St., Liberty Boulevard, Park St. and Williams St. who are connected to the Liberty Park community well automatically become members.  If you are not connected to the community well and live within the Liberty Park Subdivision, you can become a member by contacting Vice President, Tiffany Binks at LphoaVicePresident@gmail.com or 630-926-0967 and paying the required fee.

What are the LPHOA common areas?

The common areas associated with LPHOA include the community building located at the corner of 41st and Washington St. and the Liberty Park located on the corner of Washington St. and Parkway.

Can I rent the common areas or check out tables/chairs?

The community building and park can be rented up to 3 times a year to members in good standing that are not delinquent.  Yes, members can check out tables and/or chairs.

How do I rent the common areas or check out tables/chairs?

Please contact the Vice President, Tiffany Binks at LphoaVicePresident@gmail.com or 630-926-0967.

Where can I get copies of previous bulletins?

Previous bulletins can be found on our bulletin page of this website.

If I plan on moving/selling is there anything I need to do?

Prior to moving or selling, please contact the LPHOA Treasurer at LphoaTreasurer@gmail.com to verify your bill is paid in full and for the papers required for closing please visit our website at http://www.LibertyParkCommunity.org, go to the information page and have the attorney or homeowner fill out the form and submit.  Please allow at least 2 weeks to process the paperwork.

Who do I contact for any water issues or if I see a water main break?

Please contact the President, Chris Hohe at 630-880-8599.

What is the maintenance assessment bill?

This is not just a bill for water it is a quarterly assessment which includes the cost of the water delivered to your residence as well as the maintenance of the common properties, the water system and any other associated costs that pertain to the Liberty Park Homeowners Association.

If I have additional questions, who do I contact?

Please contact LPHOA President, Chris Hohe at 630-880-8599.