Community Building


4100 N. Washington Street


To reserve the community building, please contact the HOA Vice President (


  • LPHOA Members may use the building at no additional cost, up to three times per calendar year.
  • Residents who live in the 1st addition of Liberty Park (Lincoln, Grant and Adams) can pay a membership assessment of $100.00 due annually. There is a cash security deposit of $100.00 for the community building and a $25.00 cash security deposit for chairs.


Rules and Regulations


  • All activities must be conducted within the laws of DuPage County, State of Illinois and rules setup by LPHOA board.
  • Use of the community building will be open to members in good standing on weekends and weekdays on a daily basis with a maximum of three usages annually.
  • No overnight use.
  • Funeral luncheons and DuPage County elections are exempt.
  • Certificate of Insurance may be requested by LPHOA.

Building Rules

  1. No commercial or for profit use, LPHOA prohibits any profit motive endeavor.
  2. All children activities MUST have a responsible adult member on the premises at ALL times. Play in front of the building or at the park.
  3. No parking on the grass.
  4. Refer to instructions on the North wall for the thermostat. No tape on the walls and decorations are to be hung from the wires along the walls.
  5. All garbage must be taken home. Building must be left as clean or better than before use. This includes the floor swept and mopped with cold water ONLY, sink and range clean, tables and chairs set up as found, tables washed, windows closed, lights, fan, stereo and range shut off and bathroom doors open.
  6. No animals allowed in the community building.
  7. The key must be returned promptly.
  8. If the community building is left in an unsatisfactory condition, the related costs to bring the building back to a satisfactory condition will be charged against the responsible member’s LPHOA maintenance assessment or taken from the submitted security deposit.
  9. No entry into building until the date is reserved. The building must be cleaned and vacated by midnight of the reserved date.
  10. Members disregarding these rules will not be permitted to use the facilities again.

In case of an emergency, call 911

Report ALL incidents of emergency or damage to the President (630-880-8599) or Vice President as soon as possible.